Make a Difference

Resource roundup for COVID-19

August 2022

Written by

Michele D. Shoun

"When historians report on this tragic time, I hope they mention the heroic work of life-affirming pregnancy centers and medical clinics. In this time of sadness, darkness, and death, these dedicated nonprofits didn’t flinch. Instead, they stood firm to save thousands of lives." (Thomas Glessner, Americans Work Together to Save Lives During COVID-19,, 4/28/2020)

The speed with which the pandemic overtook American society since mid-March 2020 has been matched, nearly step for step, by adjustments undertaken by pregnancy care centers. PCCs immediately began to share ideas for coping amid the various government directives that were coming out. They quickly adapted to new methods for delivering services, while keeping staff and clients safe.

Centers also benefited from the resources and guidance of supportive partner organizations, such as the following:

If you know of other resources that have helped your center cope with COVID-19, please share!

"When all is said and done after the COVID-19 crisis, what will the non-Christians have to say about the Christians? Will this be a chance for us to do what those early Christians did...‘revitalizing’ the capacity of a culture to deal with its problems? Shall we be the movement that helps our fellow citizens thrive in the face of trouble, anxiety, and fear?" (Bob Robinson, What Christians Should and Should Not Do During COVID-19,, March 14, 2020)