Make a Difference

Reaching the world for Christ through pregnancy centers

August 2022

Written by

Melissa Heiland

A young girl timidly walks through the doors of the pregnancy center, because she does not know where else to turn. She is lost, alone and frightened. She’s not even sure why she is there, but she feels compelled to go. She may be planning to terminate her pregnancy because she doesn’t see any other way to survive. She has no hope.

The author conducted training for a center in Kantunilkin, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Here she prays over some clients and their babies.

At the center, she receives love and acceptance. She meets people who care about her and are willing and trained to listen to her fears. She learns that God loves her and has a plan for her life and for her child. She learns of the love of a Savior.

Because she's in crisis, she's open to listen. She knows she needs something. She is desperate for hope. The Holy Spirit has drawn her to the center and continues to speak to her through the words of the counselor.

She realizes for the first time, that she is precious to God. She trusts Jesus as her Lord and Savior and begins her walk with Christ. She returns each week to learn how to care for herself and her child and she receives one-on-one discipleship as she grows in her faith.

She receives prenatal vitamins and a free ultrasound. As she completes her lessons and her devotionals, she earns points for her work and with those points, she buys clothes and diapers for her baby. She learns responsibility. She learns to care for her child and the Holy Spirit guides her in making life-affirming choices for herself and her child.

She invites her boyfriend and her parents to come to the center with her and they, too, learn of God’s love and grace.

God is using pregnancy ministry to change women, men and communities, to bring glory to Himself. Girls and women choose life for their babies as they learn the truth about themselves and their children. They trust Jesus as Savior and chains of generational sin are broken.

Many couples marry as they learn God’s will and God’s ways. Life is protected. Lives are saved, not only in the physical realm, but also in the spiritual. The Great Commission is being realized through pregnancy center ministry throughout the world.