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APR news roundup

August 2022

Written by

Michele D. Shoun

At the Center magazine published a story on abortion pill reversal and the PCC back in 2015. Since that time, the network of trained doctors willing to prescribe APR has grown from 300 to 800. According to Heartbeat International, APR has saved the lives of more than 900 babies.

In pro-life circles, it’s not unusual to read stories such as “Brave Mom Reverses Abortion” and “Pro-life doc rescues baby with Abortion Pill Reversal,” but the success of APR is not merely anecdotal. In 2018, a retrospective analysis of 745 APR cases was published.1 What did the research show?

According to the report, 64%-68% of the pregnancies were saved through APR, there was no increase in birth defects, and mothers and babies experienced a lower preterm delivery rate than the general population. This is very good news!

Abortion advocates attempted to counter these findings by conducting their own study.2  Rather than proving APR dangerous, their report demonstrates APR works and that it’s the abortion chemicals that are dangerous! This small study of only 12 women was halted after three of them hemorrhaged, but only one of those women had taken the APR dosage of progesterone; the other two had been given a placebo.

Four of the women who had taken APR doses of progesterone had “gestational cardiac activity” up until the time they underwent surgical abortion. In other words, their babies’ beating hearts proved APR was working!3

Meanwhile, chemical abortions continue to be heavily promoted and used by women to end their pregnancies. Be sure to bookmark the Abortion Pill Reversal website and share it with clients and constituents:

Heartbeat International, which has assumed responsibility for the APR Network and its hotline, is recruiting more doctors and more PCCs to offer APR.4 If your center is not in the network, learn more on Heartbeat’s website. Heartbeat is also taking APR beyond US borders, hoping to establish at least one doctor in each country to provide APR for the many women overseas who use this method of abortion.

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