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A life raft in the mayhem

July 2022

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Pregnancy care centers strive for competency and professionalism, but as the following client testimony illustrates, the human touch is always worthwhile.

Entering Spero was a different environment then what I was expecting. I guess I had imagined more of a medical clinic—a place with a few pictures, lined-up chairs, people talking quietly while in the waiting room. I didn’t get the anxiety or feeling that I often get when walking into a doctor’s waiting room. There was no silent feeling of, “I have to be here… this is a requirement, or just another task to be done in life.” I wasn’t expecting the welcoming home-like environment I walked into.

The thing about first finding out you’re pregnant is that a whole new world opens up. You’re sort of thrown into this whirlwind. Suddenly you have people throwing piles of pamphlets and paperwork in front of you. There are tests, doctors to find, and appointments to make. It’s a mountain of information-overload on top of all these new hormones changing things in your body.

I was still just trying to process the information that I was actually pregnant, and everyone was just tossing all this information on me like it was normal. To them, they see people every day. Doctors and clinic workers may be a little disconnected from their clients. When it’s something you do every day, I feel like it becomes automatic.

Spero was my reprieve in the whirlwind. For the first time since I found out I was pregnant someone asked me, “How are you feeling?” When you are in that state of confused chaos, and everyone’s throwing information at you from all directions, those four words are very powerful.

Spero made me a person. I wasn’t just another number or client.

How was I feeling? In a word, overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed, anxious, and still just trying to make sense of things. It was that admission that had the Spero advocate asking if it would be okay if she prayed with me. It’s that kind of care and compassion you don’t see every day.

I was never rushed, I was listened to, I felt like I mattered. I learned that Spero offered classes during my intake, and it was their kindness that brought me back to them.

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