Make a Difference

2019 Summit roundup

August 2022

Written by

Michele D. Shoun

Another Way Pregnancy Center

The annual Summit is a two-day conference in May. For the 150+ in attendance, it's a refreshing get-away from the day-to-day pressures of PCC life.

Six women from Another Way Pregnancy Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan, were happy to be at The Summit! Pictured here are Emily Quit, Marcia Ploski, Nancy Lacey, Alyssa Burkett, Karen Jewell, and Olga Valtierra.

But The Summit is not limited to those who attend. Through audio recordings, you too can share in the experience!

All 24 sessions are available for $50 through Google Drive in mp3 format. Here's a rundown of all our speakers and their topics:


  • Stronger Together - Eric Verstraete (president, Life Matters Worldwide)
  • MY PAST: Where I Was - Jeanne Pernia (of PassionLife)
  • MY PRESENT: What God is Doing - Jeanne Pernia
  • Q&A: How Can We Work Better with Post-Abortive Women - Jeanne Pernia


  • A Year in a Glance: How to Create a Strategic Marketing Calendar - Kalie Bunce
  • Stats & Stories: A Good Annual Report Has Both - Kalie Bunce
  • Story of Redemption: Using Your Testimony in the Center - Wendy Burpee
  • From Fan to Player: Motivating Pro-Life Believers to Action Support & Service - Steve Feazel
  • The Whole Sex Talk: Debunking the Myth of "the Talk" - Sarah VanGessel, Eric Verstraete
  • Making Your Clients & Donors the Hero of Their Story - Eric Verstraete, Jon DeLange
  • Let Them Run (unleashing the next generation of pro-life warriors) - Rebecca Cooper, Hannah Howe
  • Effective Apologetics - Rebecca Cooper
  • Silent No More Awareness Campaign: Speaking the Truth about Abortion's Negative Consequences and the Hope of Healing - Myra Lautner
  • The Benefits of Bilingual Ministry for Your Center - Marissa Gonzalez
  • How to Conduct Purity Weekends - Rebecca Hughes, Sharen Robertson
  • Into the Lion's Den: Doing Ministry When You Feel Inadequate - Tonya Delnay
  • Post-Abortion Ministry for Churches: What Do Women Need to Hear? - Tam & Brent Hodge
  • Revisioning PCC Ministry through Primary Medical Services - Mark Blocher (Christian Healthcare Centers)
  • Designing Spaces that Celebrate Your Mission - Andrew Mollison
  • Technology & Relationships: Creating Opportunity and Impact - Brandon Monahan (Heritage House '76)
  • Fundraising: Not Only Necessary but Biblical - Bob Foust
  • Put the Frog in the Right Pond: Fitting Personalities and Gifts to Job Descriptions - Bob Foust
  • Making Life Disciples - AmyJo Pleune
  • Using Sexual Health Education to Meet Your Clients Before They Walk Through Your Doors - Natasha Mueller