Compassion in Action training manual

PCC volunteers must be fully equipped to talk with women about fetal development, abortion methods and risks, adoption, God's plan for sex, sexually transmitted infections, and more. They also must be strengthened and encouraged in various listening and counseling techniques. This manual offers the kind of comprehensive yet concise training they need. 

Available in both student and trainer editions. 

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Life Matters Worldwide & Pregnancy Care Centers
Chapter 2 Philosophy of Ministry
Chapter 3 The Legal Status of Abortion in America
Chapter 4 The Biblical Basis for the Sanctity of Human Life
Chapter 5 The Relationship of Family, Procreation, & the Church
Chapter 6 The Hard Cases
Chapter 7 The PCC Volunteer
Chapter 8 The PCC Client
Chapter 9 Biblical Counseling in a Crisis
Chapter 10 Presenting the Gospel
Chapter 11 Prenatal Development
Chapter 12 Discussing Abortion
Chapter 13 Post-Abortion Distress & Guilt
Chapter 14 Discussing Adoption
Chapter 15 Discussing Sexual Purity
Chapter 16 Risk Management
Chapter 17 Communication Skills
Chapter 18 PCC Operations & Procedures 
Chapter 19 Volunteering

Appendix A Preparing Your Heart
Appendix B Physical & Psychological Risks of Abortion
Appendix C Most Common STDs/STIs
Appendix D The L.O.V.E. Approach
Appendix E Ultrasound: For Some CPC Clients, It’s Not Enough

Answer Key
Lesson Plans
Certificate of Completion

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If your center is still under development, complete the first six of Seven Crucial Steps Toward Developing a Successful Pregnancy Care Center before requesting a training.

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