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2019 Summit speakers

Mark Blocher, President and CEO of Christian Healthcare Centers
1 workshop:
Revisioning PCC Ministry through Primary Medical Services

Kalie Bunce, Marketing Director, Alpha Grand Rapids
2 workshops:
►Stats & Stories: A Good Annual Report Has Both
►A Year in a Glance: How to Create a Strategic Annual Marketing Calendar

Wendy Burpee
, Executive Director of Genesis PCC in Pottstown, PA
1 workshop:
►How to Use Your Story at the Center

Rebecca Cooper
, pro-life speaker and activist
2 workshops:
►Effective Apologetics: Persuasively Defend the Pro-Life Position
►Let Them Run: The Younger Generation of Pro-Lifers is Ready to Make a Difference (with Hannah Howe)

Jon DeLange, Digital Marketing Consultant for JumpSIX Marketing, formerly with Life Matters Worldwide as a resource development officer
1 workshop:
►Making Your Clients & Donors the Hero of Their Story, a workshop based on Donald Miller's marketing book, Building a Storybrand (with Eric Verstraete)

Tonya Delnay
, Volunteer Administrative Coordinator for the Cradles of Grace program of the Pregnancy Resource Center in Grand Rapids, as well as Abstinence Educator for their Willing to Wait program
1 workshop:
►Into the Lion's Den: Doing Ministry When You Feel Inadequate

Carolyn Doyle, Executive Director of Lakeshore Pregnancy Centers in Holland, Grand Haven, Allegan, and Allendale, Michigan
►Friday Prayer Service
►Moderator for Tam and Brent Hodge

Steve Feazel
, video producer, author, and publisher, with Vision Word and Creative Power Pages
1 workshop:
►From Fan to Player: Motivating Pro-Life Believers to Active Support and Service

Robert "Bob" Foust, Executive Director of Sav-A-Life Shelby in Pelham, Alabama
2 workshops
►Fundraising: Not Only Necessary But Biblical
►Put the Frog in the Right Pond 

Marissa Gonzalez, Support Services Manager for Pregnancy Resource Center in Grand Rapids, MI
1 workshop:
►The Benefits of Bilingual Ministry for Your Center

Tam & Brent Hodge—she's a post-abortive speaker, author, and coach; he's a pastor
1 workshop:
►Post-Abortion Ministry for Churches: What Do Women Need to Hear?

Hannah Howe, Ministry Resource Coordinator for Life Matters Worldwide
1 workshop:
►Leading the Next Generation: Effectively Engage the Next Generation of Pro-Life Leaders (with Rebecca Cooper)

Rebecca Hughes, Executive Director of Delton Women's Center in Delton, Michigan
1 workshop:
►How to Conduct Purity Weekends

Myra Lautner, Program Director for Lighthouse PCC in Manistee, MI, and Northern Michigan Regional Coordinator for Silent No More
1 Workshop:
►Silent No More: Speaking the Truth about Abortion's Negative Consequences & the Hope of Healing

Andrew Mollison, architect and co-founder of Intersect Studio
1 workshop: 
►Designing Spaces that Celebrate Your Organization's Mission

Brandon Monahan, President, Heritage House '76
1 workshop:
►Technology and Relationships: Creating Opportunity and Impact

Natasha Mueller, Education Director for the Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Rapids, MI
1 workshop:
►Using Sexual Health Education to Meet Your Clients Before They Come Through Your Doors

Amy Jo Pleune, MSW, Coordinator of Best Life Community with Lakeshore Pregnancy Centers
1 workshop:
►Making Life Disciples: Engaging Christ's Church with a Strategy that is  Gospel-Based & Effectively Pro-Abundant Life

Sarah VanGessel, Church Engagement Coordinator, Pregnancy Resource Center in Grand Rapids, MI
1 workshop:
►The Whole Sex Talk: Debunking the Myth of "The Talk" - changing the position of churches from a defensive mode to an offensive mode (with Eric Verstraete)

Eric Verstraete, President of Life Matters Worldwide
1 plenary
2 workshops:
►Making Your Clients & Donors the Hero of Their Story (with Jon DeLange)
The Whole Sex Talk: Debunking the Myth of "The Talk" (with Sarah VanGessel)

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