Mission fields created wherever human life is devalued

The sanctity of human life is at the core of the Gospel. The Good News includes the message that all were made in God's image—designed to enjoy relationship with Him. Sin broke that relationship and brought death. Through the sacrifice of God's Son, life is renewed; through the gift of the Holy Spirit, God's image can be more faithfully reflected.

The typical response of Christians throughout history has been to rescue innocent people from the brink of death—whether they were disabled infants cast out with the garbage in ancient Rome or Jews destined for gas chambers under the Nazi regime. 

With the modern-day legalization of abortion, assisted suicide, and euthanasia, new mission fields have opened. Through pro-life ministries such as pregnancy care centers (PCCs) and LIFT, God's people are showing the compassion of Christ to people who consider these desperate acts a solution to problems. Countless individuals have come to know Him as a result of their patient witness.

Pro-life ministries open doors to discussions about:

  • The intrinsic value of human life regardless of age, size, condition, or any other false benchmark

  • God's design for sex, marriage, and the family

  • The nature of sin and suffering

  • The reality of death without Christ, and the hope of eternal life with Him

Since our founding, Life Matters Worldwide has partnered with pro-life ministries to establish and sustain them as effective Gospel outreaches for the glory of God. In 1997, we began also partnering with missionaries, mission agencies, and national leaders to bring pro-life ministries to various foreign fields of service. Since then, we've worked with believers in Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. Such ministries enable and enhance church planting efforts, and involve church people in fruitful compassion ministry.

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