Pro-life partners in Liberia

Carolynn Sharp began her her missionary career in rural Brazil. Spending nearly 20 years in medical missions along the Amazon River, Carolynn was continually exposed to the plight of the unborn worldwide. 

In 2002 the Lord re-directed her vision to Liberia, West Africa. As a post-war state, Liberia’s challenges include: high unemployment, poverty, broken family and social units, moral decay, and confusion from false spiritual teachers and non-biblical organizations. Abortions and maternal death rates are staggering. Very little value is placed on any life. 

Issa, another contact in Liberia, describes the situation this way:

Abortion is a very common way of life among mostly young people in Liberia. It's so because youths especially girls initiate sexual activities as early as age 9-12 and continue with multiple sex partners while the male counterpart at age 14-16. According to the UNFPA and other actors in sexual reproductive health in Liberia, 3 out of every 5 teens and adolescent become pregnant (87% unexpectedly/unplanned/unprepared) without of being married; 38% of girls at least have/mothered a child at age 18. Contributing to increasing school-dropped out for girls, with little or no source of income for the babies and teenage/adolescent mothers care among others, thus contributing to the increasing poverty situation in the country. All forms of sexual based violence are also very common as most of the girls/women sexually violated and even some of their mothers go in for it as a means/source of income since they are school drop-outs without employable or income-generating skills. So, whenever they become pregnant in the process, the only best option that make sense to them is abortion to free them of the burden of child-rearing. What makes abortion as the only option readily acceptable by these vulnerable young girls is that there are not many alternatives, as even health practitioners are also ready to receive quick/fast money to carry out the procedure or administer abortion pills.

Carolynn acts as the training coordinator and consultant at New Hope Pregnancy Center, which was established to protect the sanctity of human life. Together with the Liberian-born Executive Director, Aaron Kulah Garyemah, Carolynn uses compassionate medical care and abstinence teaching to open doors to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of the abortion minded clients they reach attend their local church plants. While the country remains open, Carolynn and Aaron will continue to use the limitless opportunities put before them. Life Matters Worldwide will continue to support their efforts.

You can keep up with Carolynn through her blog. Recently, she posted a photo of property purchased for the construction of a building for New Hope Pregnancy Center. It will be exciting to follow their progress!

Meet Aaron Garyemah

Aaron is the Executive Director of a medical clinic and the New Hope Pregnancy Center in Gbarnga, Liberia. The clinic serves 60 people per day, and all their services are free of charge.

They're in the middle of a building project for the pregnancy center. Aaron someday hopes to open a maternity home to improve pregnancy outcomes for women in outlying areas.

Aaron is also a pastor, and is involved with ministries to orphans and foster children.

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