Pro-life partners in Liberia

Carolynn Sharp began her her missionary career in rural Brazil. Spending nearly 20 years in medical missions along the Amazon River, Carolynn was continually exposed to the plight of the unborn worldwide. 

In 2002 the Lord re-directed her vision to Liberia, West Africa. As post-war state, Liberia’s challenges include: high unemployment, poverty, broken family and social units, moral decay, and confusion from false spiritual teachers and non-biblical organizations. Abortions and maternal death rates are staggering. Very little value is placed on any life. 

Carolynn acts as the training coordinator and consultant at New Hope Pregnancy Center, which was established to protect the sanctity of human life. Together with the Liberian-born Executive Director, Aaron Kulah Garyemah, Carolynn uses compassionate medical care and abstinence teaching to open doors to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of the abortion minded clients they reach attend their local church plants. While the country remains open, Carolynn and Aaron will continue to use the limitless opportunities put before them. Life Matters Worldwide will continue to support their efforts.

You can keep up with Carolynn through her blog. Recently, she posted a photo of property purchased for the construction of a building for New Hope Pregnancy Center. It will be exciting to follow their progress!

Meet Aaron Garyemah

Lori Smith and her husband are our partners in Papua New Guinea. In early October we sent our prayer partners an urgent request on her behalf. Lori had just learned she has cancer. Since then she's had a double mastectomy. Here are a few of her updates from Facebook and prayer letters:

Overwhelmed totally by God’s loving intervention for me. My post op exam went well. I feel incredible with discomfort not pain. When a Dr. starts your exam by the statement “we had a bit of a surprise” one tends to prepare for a bad surprise. But he said the actually found ductal breast cancer in situ (not invasive yet but hiding out in the duct un-detectable by mri or mammogram or ultrasound, a sleeping giant) in my “healthy breast.” I would have had to face this all again. The nodes in both breasts were negative. NO CHEMO OR RADIATION. I meet with an oncologist just in case I need anti hormone drugs. We are waiting for information from the right breast cancer first. NO WORDS come but a huge thanks for all that have been praying.

Two weeks ago was such a hard day. The pain of my bilateral mastectomy was overwhelming. I remember thinking “What in the world did I choose to do?!” The immediate peace and physical comfort that began to just envelope my weak body was overwhelming. I began to feel and watch in amazement as the Great Healer began His work in my heart and body. Two weeks later here I am. I feel amazing. My healing has been remarkable. God has been so kind to me.

We met with the gyne surgeon and all is a GO for surgery [to remove her ovaries] December 18. He was totally impressed with my healing and strength. We plan laparoscopy but consented to abdominal incision if any looks suspicious and they need to remove everything. GET IT OUT!! I will do whatever it takes to get healthy and stay that way!!!

Because of the lingering cancer cells that are probably lurking in her body, she may have some sort of hormonal treatment. And she needs to return to the USA in a year for check-ups. Lori is very good at keeping prayer partners up-to-date, so follow her on Twitter, friend her on Facebook, or subscribe to their email newsletters.

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