Pro-life partners in India

The term “gendercide” has been coined to define the systematic termination of pregnancy through elective abortion due to the child’s gender. Today, India performs the most abortions worldwide – most of them because girls are seen as “less desirable” than boys. In fact, this is so widely accepted that the community has renamed abortion “cleaning out” and little value is placed on the lives being taken.

In 2003, Life Matters Worldwide International Training Consultant Evelyn Stone traveled to Churachandpur, India. There she trained nationals in pregnancy care ministry. What may be the first evangelistic PCC on the subcontinent opened 3 months later. Life Matters subsequently sent funds to help establish a pharmacy to fund the center.

In 2009, during a return visit, Life Matters President Tom Lothamer met Dr. M. Lamina Singh (pictured right). This meeting was not by chance. Lamina and her husband had formed a prayer group with other medical practitioners in Assam, India. Together they had been praying, asking God for guidance so that they might reach their communities. God faithfully led Dr. Singh to Churachandpur and Life Matters Worldwide. Today, Life Matters has partnered with Dr. Singh at the Emmanuel Rural Hospital and helped them obtain ultrasound equipment. God is doing a mighty work in India!

Update: October 2014, Bob Foust, our training consultant and former board member, traveled to India with Ron Merrill to train pastors to proclaim the pro-life message. He also encouraged them to establish more pregnancy care centers in order to provide alternatives to abortion. Watch the video at right to hear about future plans for India.

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A word from one of our partners

Dr. H.C. Stephen, missionary pastor in Churachandpur, India, shares his gratitude and hopes for the partnership with Life Matters Worldwide:

Message from India, 2014 from Life Matters Worldwide on Vimeo.

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