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The first goal of Life Matters Worldwide was to establish a pregnancy care center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that would serve as a model for other PCCs we hoped to start. Our thinking was, "It isn't enough to be against abortion, we must also offer alternatives."

The Crisis Pregnancy Center of Greater Grand Rapids opened in 1985 and achieved independence in 1988; it exists today as Alpha Grand Rapids, with centers for men and women. The Lord enabled us to duplicate the process in other cities.

While we do not function as a PCC, we come alongside them to provide training, instructional manuals, prayer support, educational and motivational conferences, and consultation. Through our association program, we aim to build a community of like-minded centers. 

By the 1990s, with the rising acceptance of euthanasia, we knew we needed to provide response to that threat as well. We developed LIFT as a ministry that churches could use to care for people and combat the pro-death mentality.  LIFT allows volunteers to meet some of the needs of the aging, the terminally ill, and their loved ones while affirming the power of Christ over death. We partner with churches to implement LIFT.

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