LIFT training sessions

Session 1: The Philosophy of LIFT  
History of LIFT
Mission – Purpose – Vision – Values – Beliefs – Goals – Objectives
Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia – Definitions and Distinctions
Reasons to Oppose Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
Toward a Christian View of Death and Dying
Perspectives on Death and Dying
Fears about Dying
Faith, not Fear
Together, not Alone
From Fear to Faith

Session 2: The LIFT Volunteer 
What is LIFT?
The LIFT Coordinator
The LIFT Caregiver / LIFT Support Team
LIFT Support Team Tasks
Some Practical Do’s and Don’ts
Qualities of LIFT Volunteers
LIFT Volunteer Code of Ethics
Program Procedures for Volunteers 
LIFT Volunteer Policies
Handbook for Visitation 
Inpatient Facility Visitation by Volunteers
Visit Preparation and Evaluation
Volunteer Documentation Guidelines
Volunteer Documentation Form
Chart – LIFT Ministry – Role Network
Chart – LIFT Ministry – Flow Chart for Meeting Needs

Session 3: Caregiving Basics
Common Caregiver Pitfalls
General Principals of Body Mechanics
Care Basics 
Complications of Bed Rest
Suggestions for Organizing Medications
Taking the Care Recipient to the Doctor
Care Recipient Rights 
Care Recipient Safety 
Infection Control
Universal Safety and Health Precautions Policy
Communicable Disease Admission Policy
Precautions for AIDS and Infectious Disease Care Recipients

Session 4: Listening & Communication 
Listening: An Act of Love
Doesn’t Anybody Listen Anymore?
Barriers to Good Communication 
Tips to Become a Better Listener
For More Effective Communication with the Elderly 
Listening to the Chronically Ill Person 
Listening Role-Playing Exercises 

Session 5: Crisis & Suffering 
Crisis Definition and Characteristics
Five Stages of Crisis God’s Purposes in Our Suffering 
The Needs of Suffering People
Common Attitudes toward Suffering
Understanding Acute and Chronic Suffering 
The Challenges of Chronic and Acute Conditions 

Session 6: Meeting Spiritual Needs 
Spiritual Needs 
Prayer and the Ministry of the Word 
Use of Prayer in Caregiving
How to Pray 
Praying Scripture 
Tips for the Effective use of Scripture 
Helpful Bible Passages 

Session 7: Aging and Stress
It’s Tough to be Old 
Aging and Finishing Life Well 
Finishing Life Well is Living Well 
Physical Changes with Aging 
What Do You See? 
Managing Stress 

Session 8: The Challenges of Dementia 
Dementia – Definition and Characteristics
Causes of Dementia 
Coping with Dementia 
Overseeing Care Recipients with Dementia 
Activities to Try 
Muriel’s Blessing 

Session 9: Death & Dying 
Death and Dying 
What is a ‘Good Death’? What is ‘Dying Well’? 
Major Components of a ‘Good Death’ – Explained 
Major Components of ‘Dying Well’ – Explained 
Making Choices: Treatment – Benefit or Burden?
Additional Symptom-Control Measures 
Signs and Symptoms of Impending Death 

Session 10: Bereavement Care 
Bereavement Care 
What Grieving People Don’t Need 
The Needs of Grieving People 
A Word of Caution 
Children’s Developmental Ability to Understand Death

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