Suffering & care

Are Suffering & God's Love Compatible? Greg Koukl

Grasping the reality of embodiment Kelly Kapic

With all this suffering, how could there be a God? Tim Keller at Veritas

If God wants me happy, why do I suffer? John Piper

God's goodness in your pain - John Piper, David Platt, and Matt Chandler

How our suffering glorifies God, John Piper

Timothy Keller describes the two biggest mistakes we can make when we try to help those who are suffering.

Sermon by Tim Keller: Walking through pain and suffering. Sermon ends 41:00 -  Q & A after.

Interview about book, Be Still, My Soul, Justin Taylor with Nancy Guthrie

Ending suffering: The palliative alternative, part 4 - Association for Reformed Political Action (Canada)

Caring for each other, Trenton & Lindsay Cochran - the perfect caregiving attitude!

Getting from a Car to a Wheelchair

Senior Caregiving: How to Create Joy

Poem: Beatitudes for the Elderly, Esther Mary Walker

Hymns to Comfort and Encourage  YouTube playlist of 98 Music Videos featuring great hymns of the faith sung by a cappella choirs specially chosen with the care recipient in mind to encourage and comfort.

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