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Sometimes God answers before we pray

Beth Stembridge (pictured here) and the Stark County Pregnancy Resource Center were on the prayer calendar for February 8. The request was for a new director and a smooth transition in leadership. Beth’s husband had retired and they were planning to move nearer their grandchildren.

On February 7, we received an email from Beth that was filled with excitement. She could hardly contain her joy at being able to report good news: The Lord had led them to a new director just in time! God had been working before we could pray.

But He had also been working before Beth and her husband made the decision to move. In August of 2019, Beth met the new pastor of one of the area churches and his wife Barbara. Beth learned that Barbara had been a director of a women’s center in Indiana prior to coming to Toulon, Illinois. This raised Beth’s hopes that Barbara would become involved at the PRC.

It wasn’t until January 2020 that Beth announced her resignation. As she wrote in her email, “The PRC finished 2019 abundantly blessed financially, with donated items, and new clients, but still who would take over as director? God had supplied our other needs, but it was getting closer to the time that I would need to move on, and I kept praying…for someone who loved the Lord, was clear on the gospel, solid in biblical doctrine, had God’s perspective on the unborn, and a compassion for those needing help.” She kept thinking Barbara might be the one.

Beth didn’t know it, but when she announced she was leaving, Barbara herself had begun to pray about applying for the position, despite feelings of inadequacy. Beth is confident Barbara will do a great job “because the Lord has called her, and He will equip her. It’s comforting to me to know the Lord is the One who brought Barbara in His timing and in His way and there’s a wonderful story that gives Him all the glory!” Let’s keep praying for Barbara Pomeroy and the Stark County PRC.

Postscript: When we first met Beth about 5 years ago, she too was apprehensive about her new role as director of the center. Clearly she grew into it.

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