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Year-end prayer needs

Melisa "Mae" Serata requests prayer as she prepares presentations for a youth conference December 26-29. Melisa is an abstinence educator in the Philippines, now heading up Abstinence Education Ministries

As you pray for all our ministry partners around the world, please remember the year-end financial needs of Life Matters Worldwide. After examining our general budget, and considering our immediate needs for the first quarter of 2019, we estimate we need $122,800. That's a serious number, but not impossible. Please join our staff and board in asking God for a good finish to 2018. We'll be sending out our year-end report soon. Thank you for your partnership in pro-life ministry!

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A tip from one of our prayer partners If you want the prayer calendar to pop up on your computer at startup, place the downloaded file in this folder: User\AppData\Roaming\ Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\ Programs\Startup. If there are multiple users on your computer, you may need to insert your actual username in place of or after "User."

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