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Meet Joseph Akakpo

Joseph & Francisca Akakpo answered God’s call to leave Cameroon after 11 years of ministry with Awana International to return to their home country of Togo, West-Africa. They have over 34 years combined ministry experience. Lord willing, they will attend The Summit this May.

Joseph’s life is a testimony of God’s saving grace. By the age of 19, he had been the chief of his village for four years. People looked to him for spiritual guidance. “Though I tried to help them, I didn’t realized that the only power I had belonged to Satan. Through idol worship, I could only lead souls to hell. Then, one day, everything changed. A local pastor knocked on my door. He told me of the saving power of Jesus Christ and he invited me to his church. I trusted Jesus Christ and He saved me out of the dominion of Satan. Now I can lead souls away from Hell to Heaven instead!” 

God enlightened Joseph with His Word. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, he followed the Lord in baptism and dedicated his life to serving the Lord. “In 1983, the year I saw the light, God called me to full-time service. The Lord touched my heart to serve Him. With the ministry of Association of Baptist for World Evangelism (ABWE) in Togo where I met the Lord, I surrender my life to be a full time minister and work with the Lord wherever He will send me.” After pastoral training, with ABWE, he led a church in Togo for 15 years and later on served as AWANA missionary in Cameroon for eleven years along with his family. “I am now serving my Savior through GAP-ABWE in charge of Youth and Parents ministries including church ministries in our Churches and beyond borders.”

LATE BREAKING PRAYER REQUEST: Fransisca's mother, Nyakeli Catherine, back home in Togo, is sick and "going down." She's 87 years old, weak and not eating well, but family members are caring for her. Joseph and Fransisca plan to be in the states until October and hope to see her again before she dies. If the Lord takes her sooner than that, their U.S. itinerary will be interrupted. Pray that God will give her strength.

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