Darkness will not win

IT WAS A COLD, DARK SATURDAY AFTERNOON when a baby’s life was lost through abortion at a Minneapolis-area clinic. 

Two post-abortive women who knew all about the darkness of abortion had met with the baby’s mom at the pro-life Metro Women’s Center earlier in the week. They’d done their best to turn her from abortion, but she had resisted their offers of hope and help. She knew abortion would end her baby's life, and that it was a sin. She professed to be a Christian but rationalized God would forgive her. They warned against presuming on God’s grace (Romans 6:1).

One of the women even went to the abortion clinic that Saturday for one last try at dissuading her, but she could not overcome her determination. The young woman’s mother was there too, encouraging abortion “so her life would not be ruined.” 

A stranger was also at the clinic, handing out notes to those abortion-bound: “Please do not abort your baby. We will pay for everything. Please choose life.” Another carried pictures of babies in development. 

Even so, the pregnant woman chose abortion. A few days later, the two Metro advisors called to check on her. “I wish I would have listened to you,” she said. “I cry all the time. My mom cries all the time. We are heartbroken.” 

How will this story end? Only God knows. If the two post-abortive women―who also know the light of God’s grace―have the opportunity, they’ll share biblical hope with this woman and her mother (Romans 3:23, Ephesians 2:12, 1 Peter 1:3-5, John 3:16-17). 

Light can penetrate and ultimately defeat the darkness! Please pray for this young woman and her mom.

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