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OUR MINISTRY PARTNERS sometimes give us no prayer requests, and then at other times it’s like a flood and their requests won’t fit in the little box. We want to highlight the requests of one of such partner this month. 

We’ve never met Kisaame David of the Iganga Pregnancy Resource Center in Uganda in person, only through Facebook. He has proven to be a dear servant of the Lord and brother in Christ. His center became an associate of Life Matters Worldwide for the first time this year. He’d love to attend our annual Summit, but at least could content himself with audio recordings from the last two years. 

Judging by the requests he sends us, the center has a lot going on. They certainly appreciate the power of prayer and show that they’re relying on God’s provision for everything. This month, they’ve asked us to ask you to pray for the following: Funds to maintain the office, shelter for pregnant girls who come to them from the streets, provisions like food and formula food for babies, that the center would continue saving unborn babies from abortion, and for more volunteers. He told this story to illustrate what unwed pregnancy is like in Uganda:

Three years back I found a 18 year old girl thrown on the streets of Iganga with a child of 3 years. This means she conceived when she was 15 years old and was in primary school. 

She was chased by her parents as she was a curse in the family as culture dictates. She forced herself to live with the boy who impregnated her but after a time, the boy left her with her child to starve, so she decided to live on the streets of Iganga town. To make the matters worse, she had a second baby by the same man and was looking forward to abortion.

On our regular visits to the community, teaching them the importance of of the life of the unborn child, I met this pregnant girl with a 3-year-old daughter. The pro-life group took charge of her and now she has 2 girls.

We rent a room for her and supply her daily needs, however we have a great challenge now that these little girls need to go to school. Join us in prayers that God provides $50 per a month to educate these girls. This will help pay school fees, buy scholastic materials, buy school uniforms, pay for lunch at school, and care for other utilities.

That's a huge request! Then there’s the on we placed on the calendar for September 25. Iganga PRC is ambitiously planning a pro-life march through town on November 14. This may be the first of its kind in Africa! 

They hope to involve mothers, students, churches, and elected officials. Lord willing, there will be speeches, posters, banners, T-shirts, and a marching band! The effort could cost the center a lot of money and they are looking for additional funding. Please join the center in prayer that the march will be a powerful demonstration of unity and resolve against an increase in the numbers of abortions in Uganda.

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