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"I can't kill TWO babies!"

One of the 2016 highlights for Women & Teens Crisis Pregnancy Center was how the Lord used a mobile ultrasound unit. The RV from ICU Mobile-Detroit (another of our partners) parks in their Pontiac, Michigan, lot once a month. This gives Women & Teens opportunities with their clients they wouldn’t ordinarily have.

“Julie” was one of those clients. In Pontiac from New York to visit a friend, she called their 24-hour hotline to schedule a pregnancy test. Arriving the next morning, the RV was there. Volunteer counselors learned she intended to abort if pregnant. According to her, she already had a daughter with a “loser dad” and didn’t want another.

She accepted the counselor’s offer of a free ultrasound from the RV outside. Much to her surprise, the scan revealed not one but two ten-week-old babies jumping in her womb! Her immediate response upon seeing them was very emotional – “I can’t kill TWO babies!”

But once she returned home, the center lost track of her. Would they ever know what happened to those babies? Director Carol Baldwin said, “We took comfort in realizing that God, in His sovereignty, allowed her to come all the way from New York to learn she was pregnant with twins.”

Amazingly, a few months later, she reappeared, enrolling in the center’s Mentoring Moms program! Since then she’s delivered her babies and decided to live in Michigan. Although she hasn’t yet accepted the offer of salvation in Christ, she hears the Gospel message repeatedly in the classes at the center.

Please pray for this client, and praise God for how well two of our partners work together!

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