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“I know God was watching out for me!”

"One of the impacts of COVID-19 is that we’re praying more with our clients!” So began a newsletter item from the Alpha Women’s Centers of Des Moines and Ankeny, Iowa. 

They went on: “Prolonged uncertainty tends to weigh heavily on people, and they’re more open to prayer. They’re worried, they’re lonely, and they need encouragement. We may be one of the few places they feel it’s ‘safe’ to go. When you see fewer people, those visits are more important to you. We are having deeper conversations, and clients are asking us to pray for them.” According to reports from other centers, this is not unusual.

Then this summer when Iowa experienced a derecho, they had even more prayerful conversations as a result. The storm―equivalent to a category 3 hurricane―knocked out power, phones, and internet services in both locations for a short time. But once they were able to re-open, they heard from clients again and again: “I know God was watching out for me!” They gave testimony to God’s power and mercy in their lives!

Life Matters also receives many requests for prayer from people who are worried about an unexpected pregnancy. From the little information they give us in their initial prayer requests, we can’t tell much about their walk with God, or even if we serve the same God. As we attempt to counsel and comfort them, we point them to the God who hears prayers, who wants them to take refuge in Him, who has all power, and who loved them enough to send His Son Jesus to die for them. Pregnancy is a very good time to pray, and for faith to grow.

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