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"If I just talked her out of an abortion, why would I still do it?"

A YOUNG WOMAN ARRIVED AT THE ABORTION CLINIC one day in August and went straight inside without talking to the sidewalk counselor. We’ll call the woman Ava. About 45 minutes later another woman (we’ll call her Bea) parked in the clinic driveway, got out of her car, and went over to chat with the counselor about the problems that were leading her to have an abortion. During their conversation, Ava came out of the building and stood at the corner sobbing. 

Bea went over to her because sidewalk counselors can’t step on clinic property. She consoled Ava, and they talked for a while until the sidewalk counselor witnessed them giving each other a hug. Bea then announced to all within earshot: "She's not going to do it!" Ava left the clinic property happy and settled in her decision for life.

Bea then looked at the sidewalk counselor and said, "If I just talked her out of an abortion, why would I still do it?" The counselor had been wondering the same thing. And so, two women were spared the agony and regret of abortion!

Amazed and overjoyed, the counselor asked the Lord, "Did that just happen? Did you just bring someone here who knew the pain of being a single mom―of being short of money and resources―who could just walk right up to this dear woman and deliver a hug and support?" She found it extraordinary the way God worked that day.

The sidewalk counselor confessed to not having felt quite “on her game” that morning―with a lot on her mind and barely an ounce of extra energy to give―but God was able to do everything Himself. All she had to do was watch and pray! And little did she know how God would work in the lives of two sisters who arrived at the clinic two days later.

One went inside while the other stayed in the parking lot, chatting with the counselors. She opened up to them about her faith in God and, while telling about her sister's reasons for aborting, she got a "fire in her soul" and decided to march into the clinic to rescue her sister.

But she was turned away at the door. Nevertheless, they kept communicating by phone until the sister inside emerged excitedly waving an ultrasound scan of her unborn baby. She would not have the abortion!

The sisters embraced and wept while sidewalk counselors again simply looked on. Only God could do this!

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