Prayer is essential

Is prayer the least thing we can do to attack a problem? Is it our last resort when all else fails? Or should it be our first response, the most we can do, and the best we can offer?

Prayer is essential as we seek to provide alternatives to abortion. Why should we pray for the end of abortion? 

  1. Because our dependence on Him honors God
  2. Because prayer is a vital point of connection between heaven and earth
  3. Because abortion is primarily a spiritual battle, not just social or political

Abortion is a problem that often overwhelms and baffles our best efforts. It relentlessly spreads like a cancer across the world. If the senseless slaughter of unborn babies is ever going to end, it will be an act of God.

What goes on in the heart and mind of a person involved in abortion – a woman contemplating her pregnancy, a doctor considering the procedure, a political leader deciding a crucial vote on the issue? Only the Holy Spirit knows and can touch those places and change a life. While we work and give to end abortion, we must also pray.

Please pray with us!

Click the calendar icon at right and join a movement of 1600+ prayer warriors who are praying for pro-life ministries around the world. Thank you! 

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