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IF THE SUBJECT LINE READS “PRAY FOR ME,” we can be fairly certain the email in our inbox was generated from the page “Does God care about your unplanned pregnancy?” in the Need Help? section of our website. We’ve been told they arrive there by searching for answers related to God’s will in pregnancy. On that page we affirm that God is sovereign and the Source of life. 

“No living thing exists without God’s involvement. There are no accidental or unplanned pregnancies. Therefore, we must consider Him whenever we think about the problems and challenges associated with pregnancy: Why has He given this child life? Could He possibly have plans for your son or daughter? What is He doing in your life by giving you this baby? Can He supply your needs?”

We encourage them with the story of Hagar and her unborn baby Ishmael in Genesis 16. Why did God allow Hagar to become pregnant while Abram's wife Sarai was infertile for many years? We don't know. But we do know that God knew all about Hagar and her baby. He had a plan for them. He showed Hagar He cared about her and her baby and taught her what to do. 

We assure the women who write us that God knows and cares about them too. He will help them and their babies if they ask. We pray for them and encourage them to trust God. 

We also go to Facebook to ask our friends to pray. If you follow @lifemattersworldwide, you’ll see requests as they happen and help fulfill our commitment to pray for these women (and men).

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