10 prayers to end abortion


  1. Pray for God’s protection on all unborn babies threatened by abortion.
  2. Pray for mothers to recognize and love their unborn children from the moment of conception; to have courage to face the challenges of pregnancy; to turn to God for help; to overcome the temptation of abortion; to receive the support they need.
  3. Pray for fathers, that they’ll commit themselves to raising their children and caring for the mothers.
  4. Pray for family members and friends of the parents to support the choice for life.
  5. Pray for clinic workers, doctors and nurses, security guards, and escorts to admit the error of their ways and seek other employment.
  6. Pray for all who have participated in abortions to repent and come to know Jesus loves, heals, and forgives.
  7. Pray that Christians will stay close to Jesus in their efforts to stop abortions and help women avoid abortion.
  8. Pray for elected leaders to put an end to abortion.
  9. Pray for God to strengthen all who offer alternatives to abortion – pregnancy care centers, maternity homes, sidewalk counselors, etc.
  10. Pray for couples to honor God and respect life in their choices before marriage.

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