Take the pro-life pledge

I THANK OUR HEAVENLY FATHER for the gift of life—for my own, the lives of loved ones, brothers and sisters in Christ, and all of mankind. We were created to bear His image.

TODAY I PLEDGE to uphold the biblical pro-life message in word and deed. As I fulfill the Great Commission, I will do my part to preserve the sanctity of human life.

I WILL LIVE my life—including my viewing choices—in a way that is sexually pure and respectful of the sanctity of marriage as designed by God.

I WILL PRAY for the end of abortion and other threats to the sanctity of human life.

I WILL SPEAK UP for the unborn, the disabled, the elderly, the terminally ill—anyone whose dignity or humanity is questioned. I will choose words that show respect for all—even my enemies—and honor their dignity as people who bear God’s image.

I WILL TAKE ACTION on behalf of vulnerable human lives where possible, in the way the Holy Spirit leads, with God’s grace and provision. I want my life to reflect His mercy, expressing compassion to others in practical and sacrificial ways. I will persevere until all human life is protected or Jesus Christ returns.

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