Articulating the biblical pro-life ethic in WORD

Life Matters Worldwide helps the Body of Christ articulate the biblical pro-life message in word and deed.

That's been our mission since 1998. According to, 'articulate' is a verb meaning "to utter clearly and distinctly; pronounce with clarity; to give clarity or distinction to; to reveal or make distinct." 

God clearly articulated His message about humanity at the moment of our creation. And with His declaration, it was so.

We accept similar statements in Scripture—"You are in Christ," "God has chosen you," "you have been saved," "the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord"so it is not unusual that God would call us to believe the mystery that all mankind is "made in His image."

What does it mean to articulate the biblical pro-life message?

As ones who bear the image of Christ, we proclaim this message and the biblical pro-life ethic that stems from it.

In 2005, the utilitarian philosopher Peter Singer predicted that "the traditional view of the sanctity of human life will collapse under pressure from scientific, technological, and demographic developments. By 2040, it may be that only a rump of hard-core, know-nothing religious fundamentalists will defend the view that every human life, from conception to death, is sacrosanct."

And yet here we arestill standing on the received Word of God. As the Psalmist says,

Forever, O LORD,
Your word is settled in heaven. Psalm 119:89

In fact, the Word is really all we have to definitively show us our uniqueness among all other creatures.

Animals have been shown to communicate, use rudimentary tools, behave sacrificially. These and other characteristics are not what make us exceptional. Ultimately, the pronouncement that we are made in God's image is what sets us apart.

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Source: Peter Singer, "The Sanctity of Life," Foreign Policy, September/October 2005,, accessed 11/30/2016. See also "A New Ethic for Medicine and Society," by Malcolm Watts, MD, Western Journal of Medicine (then California Medicine), January 1971(1):46-48,, accessed 11/30/2016; related blog post.
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