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Powered by God curriculum for children

Life Matters Worldwide has developed a curriculum and interactive website for junior-age children (ages 9-12, grades 4-6) designed to teach biblical concepts of sexual purity and the sanctity of human life. Both are organized around the Christian worldview framework and follow the same outline. 

The website and curriculum each stand alone, but complement the other. More about the two components:

  • Free interactive website for children. On the Powered by God website, students progress through 13 lessons: reading Bible passages, responding to questions, viewing videos, writing essays, and engaging in activities beyond the web. Scores for correctly completed lessons and activities are stored on the site; students “compete” with other users and access the moderated essay responses of other users.
  • Downloadable lessons available for purchase by teachers and parents to use in a variety of settings: Sunday schools, home schools, and Christian schools. These 13 downloadable lessons coordinate with the website and offer supplemental material that could not be shared with young children without parental guidance. The lessons also offer parents/teachers extensive preparation tools for transmitting these concepts to children/students. 

Curriculum outline

The 13 lessons of the Powered by God curriculum and website follow the Christian worldview framework: 

Lesson 1: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions (decision-making skills) 
Lesson 2: The Big Picture (worldview overview – Creation, Rebellion, Redemption, Consummation) 
Lesson 3: God Gives Life (the source and significance of life as God’s gift)

Lesson 4: CREATION – Who Am I? (human beings are made in the image of God from conception) 
Lesson 5: REBELLION – What’s the Problem? (sin and the sanctity of human life) 
Lesson 6: REDEMPTION – Jesus is the Only Way (Jesus - the perfect Image of God) 

Lesson 7: CREATION – God and Me (God’s intent for my relationship with Him) 
Lesson 8: REBELLION – Replacing God (sin’s effect on my relationship to God) 
Lesson 9: REDEMPTION – Powered by God (restoration of the relationship through Christ) 

Lesson 10: CREATION – Role Play (God’s intent for our relationships with others) 
Lesson 11: REBELLION – Who’s Who? (sin’s effect on our relationships) 
Lesson 12: REDEMPTION – Take Off the Old, Put On the New (enablement of renewed of relationships by the Holy Spirit) 

Lesson 13: CONSUMMATION – What Are We Waiting For? (the ultimate restoration of image and relationship in the new heaven and new earth)

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