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Latest: Sanctuary cities protect the unborn Sanctuary cities for the unborn are one more way Christians can fight abortion at the local level and show moms and families they care.

What is a pregnancy care center? And why is pro-life ministry essential for Christians?

A hard time to be pregnant Why does God allow people to become pregnant when He knows how difficult their lives are? The first chapter of James offers answers.

Abortion & racial inequality Abortion clinics target babies of color, but pregnancy care centers demonstrate the value of every human life.

How can my church become even more pro-life? Life Matters Worldwide has identified five key elements that can measure a church’s level of pro-life engagement. How is your church doing?

God & the pregnant teen Two messages must be expressed in tandem and with equal force, and a third must follow close behind.

What do cities of refuge reveal about God? God wants every human death to be examined and mourned. He involves people in carrying out both justice and mercy.

Does God forgive the sin of abortion? The simple answer is yes, but how do we know for sure since the Bible doesn't mention abortion?

What does it mean to articulate the biblical pro-life message? God said He made us in His image and we believe it. We also put our beliefs into action. Also in KJV

Why should we protect life? Three reasons Christians should defend the unborn, even though the Bible doesn't mention abortion.

Celebrate God! Celebrate life! When does life begin? First consider where it begins—in God Himself!

God is good! And so is sex! The proper place and blessing for sexual union is within the protective boundary of the marriage covenant—what love really is.

How to Prevent Abortion Parents, churches, and Christian schools want to convey the truth that sex outside marriage is sin. How can that be done in a way that doesn't lead to abortion when teens disobey and pregnancy occurs?

Too high? Too low? Or just right? Goldilocks had to learn what was Just Right in porridge temperature and bed firmness, and we have to learn what's Just Right when it comes to mankind's identity and role in the world. Also in KJV

Pro-Life Voting & Beyond When Christians live out the biblical pro-life ethic, it does more to protect life than any elected official or court decision.

Will God Forgive Me If I Have an Abortion? What's the best advice you can give someone who is tempted by abortion?

Euthanasia: What Does God Say? We euthanize dogs and cats. Why not put suffering people out of their misery?

The Messages LIFT Sends Caring for one another advances the pro-life ethic and sends important messages to the world at-large. 

Jesus Loves People with Disabilities In the account of Bartimaeus' healing we see six truths about disability.

Practicing Compassion This God-like quality must be learned by sinful humans, with the example and help of Jesus!

Why Does Life Matter? What was once obvious—"self-evident"—must be explained. And defended.

Keep on LIFTing! Lalaine Mirasol is a gifted woman who has "LIFT in her DNA" and loves doing things "the LIFT way." Find out what she means.

Abortion: What Does God Say? Is God's word silent on this issue, as abortion advocates say? Or are there principles to guide us?

Noah: Violent or Righteous? A major motion picture depicts Noah and the flood. How accurate is it? Was Noah a violent man?

How Not to Flinch in the Face of Suffering What should we do when someone suffers? What does their pain teach us? How should we approach meeting their needs?

Roe: What We Didn't Know When the Supreme Court handed down this decision, there was a lot we didn't know. And what we didn't know is hurting us! Revised from 2003 for the 40th anniversary of Roe.

Are the Foundations Crumbling? Another reflection on 40 years of abortion-on-demand in America that emphasizes the importance of having a firm biblical basis for being pro-life.

Time and Abortion What does the passage of time mean in relation to abortion? 40 years in, are we any closer to the end? Where can we find encouragement?

"Whatsoever" . . . Voting How can we vote to the glory of God? What values should we bring with us into the voting booth that accord with His name? What can we do to ensure our votes serve Him?

Opening Your Heart to a Child, by Carolyn Cavanaugh. A guest writer tells her story and encourages others to build their families through adoption.

Pray to End Abortion If the senseless slaughter of unborn babies is ever going to end, it will be an act of God. While we work and give to end abortion, we must also pray.

Should We Use Violence to Fight Abortion? Written after an abortion doctor was killed in 2009, this piece is still relevant, finding that acts of violence do not end abortion but lead to more acts of violence.

Blurring the Lines, Shortening the Playing Field Advocates of abortion and euthanasia attempt to move life's boundary lines, believing it will grant more freedom, but God's commands are always good!

After-Birth Abortion? Is it infanticide or a fourth-trimester abortion? Is what some bioethicists propose progressive or very ancient?

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Can Abortion Hurt Me?

Como Planear un Procedimiento Medico Muy Importante (Spanish version of Feeling Good about Your Choice)

Feeling Good about Your Choice

Should I Have an Abortion?

For Those Who Have Already Aborted

Why Does Life Matter? Why Does HUMAN Life Matter?

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