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How pro-life is your church?

A better way to phrase the question might be, "What is your congregation's level of engagement in pro-life ministry?" Here are five ways a church can measure engagement. Click on the images to learn more.

Members or groups have adopted individual staff members or entire pro-life ministries for prayer

Members or groups from the church have visited a pro-life ministry; leaders from the ministry have been invited to speak at the church

Members of the church volunteer regularly for the pro-life ministry; groups serve at ministry events or take on special projects; clients of the ministry are welcomed at church services and events

Members graciously and confidently address pro-life issues in conversations and on social media

Members and the church as a whole contribute to the pro-life ministry out of their skill-sets

If you're a church that needs more pro-life engagement or a pro-life ministry that needs churches > GET STARTED

One way churches engage in pro-life ministry is through ministry to the aged and infirm > LIFT

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