Many of us are prone to thinking abortion is something that only happens to unbelievers. If that’s true, why do many self-professed Christians end up at abortion clinics?

  • A young woman calls a pregnancy helpline to inquire about abortion. Even though she claims to be a believer and agrees abortion violates God’s plan, she has concluded it’s what she’s “supposed to do” because she and her boyfriend had taken precautions. For her, adoption would be “too hard.”
  • A “Christian” couple is divided over what to do. The young man says he’ll do whatever it takes to stop his future wife from aborting, even if it means confessing to their parents. She’s reluctant to spoil their “fairy tale” wedding plans. 
  • A teenager obtains a judicial injunction so she can abort without her parents’ consent. They are “wonderful” people, yet she can’t bring herself to tell them she’s pregnant. Her plan is to attend Bible college (one that doesn’t accept unmarried pregnant students) and to turn this “difficult experience” into an opportunity for future ministry with youth. 

All three women sought abortions in Grand Rapids – once known as a “city of churches” – during a three-week span in September of 2007. Our hearts broke over these stories that reveal seemingly rampant sexual sin, an alarming depth of selfishness, and an amazing lack of conscience among people who should know better. 

What’s going on? Or maybe we should ask, what’s not going on? Are church people being taught that although abortion is controversial and “political,” it’s primarily a matter of the heart requiring repentance and forgiveness? Do they know the suffering it causes? Do they appreciate the sanctity of marriage and of human life? Do they understand what sexual sin is? Do they know what to do when they fall?

Life Matters became aware of these cases because there’s another group of Christians at the clinics. “Sidewalk counselors” serve as a last line of defense for the unborn and their mothers. They see cars pull into the parking lot, some with Christian bumper stickers. They pray. They extend the love of Christ and the truth about abortion to any who will listen. They tell them about alternatives to abortion and offer to accompany them to the local PCC. 

Lives have changed as a result. Women have walked away from the clinics with smiles on their faces and hope in their steps. They’ve received emotional and material support for the duration of their pregnancies, and beyond. Babies are alive today who otherwise would not have made it, thanks to the tireless devotion of a few.

Sadly, no one was standing watch outside a Massachusetts clinic the day Laura Hope Smith died on the abortionist’s table. Or if they were, she failed to heed their pleas. Reported to be a “born again” member of a Bible centered church, the 22-year-old had no idea September 13, 2007, would be her last day, and abortion her final act. 

While the highest rate of abortion belongs to women with a non-Christian religious affiliation or no affiliation at all, about 15 percent of those aborting identify themselves as born-again, evangelical, charismatic, or fundamentalist.

Mystified by such statistics and by her daughter’s actions, Laura’s mother Eileen admits she’d “always been pro-life in my heart, but sad to say, that’s where it stayed. I thought abortion was here to stay, the law of the land. I thought if I could just practice my Christian faith -- faithfully going to church, faithfully telling people about the Lord and how God can change their lives -- then I would surely be tackling abortion from that end. I still think that’s somewhat true.” 

It is very true, but as she now says, “Parents should also talk about abortion with their children.” 

One t hing parents can do is model proper attitudes, such as:  

1. Sexual sin is wrong, whether it results in pregnancy or not

2. Life is God's gift no matter how a baby is conceived

3. Unborn babies should not be punished for their parents' sins

They can also convey the preventative messages that we published in an earlier Musing. If Life Matters can help, let us know.

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