When Life Matters Worldwide's President, Tom Lothamer, speaks in churches, he makes a point of sharing the forgiveness that can be found in Christ after an abortion. He doesn't know who's listening. Perhaps someone with a guilty conscience, or someone contemplating abortion.

It's dangerous to think, "No one in my church would have an abortion." Imagine how a post-abortive woman feels where that is the prevailing belief -- alone, isolated, too sinful to be forgiven. 

The good news is, countless women with abortions in their pasts have joined the company of the redeemed. They tell of their struggles with grief and shame, and testify of God's goodness and grace. In Christ, all sin is washed away; someday all tears will be dry.

It's also vital for churches to be safe havens to which women can run in order to avoid abortion in the first place, where they can reach out for help and find support for their life-affirming decisions. Tom says, "When you find yourself in trouble, come home! Don't go to the world. Don't go to the abortion clinic. Go to your church family!" 

Our latest copy-ready insert will help Christian lay counselors work through the abortion question with people who are tempted by it. Download "Will God forgive me if I have an abortion?" and share it with your church family.

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