Planned Parenthood does not deny trafficking in baby body parts, but insists they’re within the law. It’s just another of their many services to women. 

That statement came after the first video. Here's the third in the series from The Center for Medical Progress (warning - graphic content):

What will they say now?

Don’t be fooled by their tactic of shifting blame. As you watch this and subsequent videos from CMP -- due out on a weekly basis for the next few months -- keep in mind the government regulations to which PP refers.

• Many research regulations assume there’ll be some benefit to research subjects. 

Comment: When cells and tissues are derived through in vitro fertilization or abortion, there obviously cannot be any direct or indirect benefit to the donor embryo or fetus.

• Regulators admit that “[r]esearch involving the human fetus raises special concerns,” presume that “[t]he fetus has a unique and inextricable relationship to the mother,” and acknowledge a fetus “cannot consent to be a research subject.” 

PP, though, doesn’t dare recognize any unborn child, at any stage, as a human being.

• Regulations insist that “[r]esearch activities involving the dead fetus, macerated fetal material, or cells, tissue, or organs excised from a dead fetus are governed by state laws and regulations” and recommend “research involving dead fetuses be compatible with commonly held views about respect for the dead.”

This is not happening at Planned Parenthood or research labs.

• Further: “The decision to terminate a pregnancy and procedures of abortion should be kept independent from the retrieval and use of fetal tissue” and “[t]he timing and method of abortion should not be influenced by the potential uses of fetal tissue for transplantation or medical research.” 

From the videos we see clearly that doctors at Planned Parenthood are aware of the mother’s decision to donate fetal tissue and that they are tempted to alter procedures in order to facilitate retrieval.

• The regulations do get a little crazy: “If abortion is involved, … no change in the abortion procedure that would present more than minimal risk to the fetus or its mother can be introduced for research purposes.” 


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