We've been considering what belongs under the pro-life label (see Who gets to decide what it means to be pro-life? and A consistent ethic). To close out the discussion, I'm going to quote John Ensor's book, Answering the Call. John is the president of PassionLife, an international pro-life ministry, and he knows why fighting abortion is the main thing:

Abortion represents the preeminent evil of our time. In saying this I am challenging the widespread notion that it is just one issue among equals—homelessness, fatherlessness, hunger—that the Christian community ought to deal with on an equal footing.

No, it is not. Christians can and should actively engage in alleviating the suffering that comes from chronic poverty and disease. The hungry must be fed. Orphans must be cared for. The sick and the dying need tending to. The church knows this and has a glorious history of doing all this and more. Most of the relief work in the world today has Christian roots and every year new nonprofit ministries are started to address particular needs in particular places.

But abortion is not in the same category any more than a man storming a high school with a machine gun is equal to a teenager in the school not having enough lunch money. One represents the chronic problem of poverty. The other represents a violent act of evil.

I do not say that abortion is the only injustice deserving our attention. I say it is a preeminent injustice that calls for an urgent response.

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I urge you to read this small volume, especially the chapter from which these words came—"The Injustice of Abortion and the Just Anger of God." In it he traces the following points through Scripture:

  1. Among all the offenses of man, the greatest offense is shedding innocent blood.
  2. Among all the ways men shed innocent blood, the most offensive is child sacrifice.
  3. Abortion is child sacrifice.

Avoidance of reality is our biggest obstacle. People don't want to hear or see what abortion really is. Its ugliness is the very reason we must keep making it our main focus. All of us would like to look away, focus on something more pleasant and popular with the "in" crowd, but we can't.

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