In What We Need to Learn from the Early Church, Tim Keller asks how it could be that Christianity spread like wildfire when it was "on the wrong side of history." 

He offers three explanations, and the first is that "Christians were called into a unique 'social project' that both offended and attracted people." 

Christians forbade both abortion and the practice of “infant exposure,” in which unwanted babies were simply thrown out. Christians were also a sexual counterculture in that they abstained from any sex outside of heterosexual marriage. This was in the midst of a society that thought that, especially for married men, sex with prostitutes, slaves, and children was perfectly fine. 

So it's not really bad to be on the outs with our culture. The church can still grow and thrive. 

Here we are again at the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Time to make much of ancient truths: Human beings are made in God's image; human beings answer to God for how we treat each other.

Use our shareable graphics to promote Sanctity of Human Life Sunday on January 15, and the sanctity of human life year-round.

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