As Director of Communications, I manage the content on our website and in social media. I also field inquiries that result from our presence in cyberspace. 

It makes for an interesting job. One day I’m replying to a pastor in India or Ethiopia about pro-life initiatives in his country, and the next I’m counseling with a woman in South Africa or New Zealand about pregnancy options and forgiveness after abortion. Truly, the world wide web has made this ministry “worldwide.”

This past August, a pastor in southern India reached out to us on LinkedIn. I told him about Amit Paul (shown here kneeling) who conducts pro-life training seminars in the region with an organization called Save the Lives. The two connected and Pastor Paul taught groups of men and women about the sanctity of human life in November.

Women find the “Need Help?” section of our website after searching for “what does God think of abortion?” or “will God forgive me if I have an abortion?” Many of them simply ask for prayer, but their openness to talking about God leads to interesting (and challenging) discussions, like these:

NT feared her abortions were a "one-way ticket to hell." She wanted to know if this is true, and how she could find peace. KP had used an abortion pill early in her pregnancy. "Can God forgive me? I became weak and made a wrong decision."

We know God forgives abortion because...

  1. He is a forgiving God. It's in His nature to forgive those who come to Him in faith (Exodus 34:6-7).
  2. He has forgiven people who've committed the sin of murder (David, Manasseh, Paul). 
  3. He even invited those who'd killed His Son Jesus to be saved (Acts 3:14-20).

One of our goals is to help women find pregnancy care centers near them. While this can be a challenge, thankfully God has placed pro-life people all around the globe with whom they can connect. 

JN's boyfriend was pressuring her to abort. She didn’t want to but had very few choices. Zimbabwe’s pregnancy care centers are clustered in the capital Harare and she lives far from there. She thought suicide might be the answer. Thankfully, through contacts in that country, we were able to connect her with Egenia, a pro-life counselor. Egenia was willing to travel from Harare to JN’s village and to provide encouragement and practical help. When the baby was safely born, Egenia joyfully shared his photo with us.

NA in Sweden is a scared pregnant teenager. An immigrant, she didn’t know how her mother or the community would react. We told her about 3 PCCs in Sweden, but none were in her hometown so we went looking for a church that might be willing to help her avoid abortion. Thankfully, Kathy and Elena, on staff with Fisher’s Creek International Church in Gothenburg, were willing to reach out to her. They’ve been meeting with her and are ensuring she has everything she needs while awaiting her baby’s birth.

Please pray for this aspect of our ministry, and for the people we’re reaching.

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