On November 9th, our president Eric Verstraete had the opportunity to meet with the board of the Pregnancy Center of Lapeer, Michigan. This center has been through some hard times the past couple of years. Their long-time director Donna Leuck had passed away, leaving staff and the board wondering whether they should (or could) keep the doors should open. 

The board rallied around the staff and felt the Lord wanted them to stay open. Erika Hale was chosen as the new executive director.

Because the loss of their previous director had been so huge, the board had taken on some administrative and other practical aspects of ministry. But once Erika took the helm, they began searching for their identity. They were wondering what to do now. “How do we best support Erika?”

This is where Life Matters came in. They invited Eric to identify a few key points that made all the difference. His first goal was to open up God's word and establish their own personal identity with Christ. Each of them needed to understand and embrace their personal gifts and identity with Jesus.

From there the discussion could move to what each one brings to the board table and what the role of the board really is. In this case, the board no longer needed to be a working board dealing with day-to-day operations. They could be freed to serve as a governing board who supports and encourages Erika in her leadership role.

The transformation that took place during our time together was encouraging and uplifting for Eric as well as for the board. Life Matters Worldwide hopes to continue to open the pathways of support and encouragement through opportunities like this one in Lapeer. We want to do the same with other PCCs.

Thank you for your continued support as we help fortify these frontline warriors.

Here's Erika Hale and Deborah Bader of the Pregnancy Center of Lapeer with the ultrasound equipment they received this past July

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