God has articulated human value and dignity in His words and deeds, therefore we do the same. It’s not always easy because many lives are devalued—babies in the womb, embryos in laboratories, elderly folks in nursing homes, and people with disabilities. 

Meanwhile other forms of nature are being elevated. Orangutans in Argentina have been declared “non-human persons” and rivers in India called “living entities” as though they deserve the same rights and protection as human beings. Plants are protected in Switzerland, while elderly and disabled people are legally helped to die—all in the name of dignity. Similarly, in the UK, people with the label “vegetative” can now be denied nutrition and hydration. (It's ironic—sad, really—when plants are treated better than some people.)

Reality comes back into focus when we look at things from God’s viewpoint, as David did in Psalm 8. He marveled at the glories of God’s universe and pondered mankind’s place in it. Then he rested in the fact God is lovingly mindful of us, which is great news for everyone.

Jesus is Mindful of a Severely Disabled Woman

In the Gospels, we find God's Son being mindful of people who were marginalized by society: women, children, the sick and disabled, and certain kinds of "sinners." Jesus is our example of really seeing people, having compassion for them, and then acting on their behalf—as in Luke 13:10-17 –

Jesus is Mindful of a Severely Disabled Woman from Life Matters Worldwide on Vimeo.

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