The Bible doesn't mention abortion, so why should Christians defend the unborn?

Our latest copy-ready bulletin insert gives 3 reasons. The 3rd is that we were created to worship God.

Defense of unborn human life as worship of God might seem like a stretch until you consider what worship is—appreciation for His attributes and conformity to His character.

Scripture describes God as defender, protector, rescuer, refuge, deliverer. We find great comfort in this aspect of His nature and we praise Him for it.

When we emulate these attributes, we give other people great comfort as their defenders, protectors, rescuers, and so on. In fact, when we're defending the unborn, we're protecting them from those who deny God and refuse to see all people as being made in His image.

Life Matters Worldwide's vision is "to see local churches all over the world engaged in compassionate sanctity of human life ministry as they fulfill the Great Commission." Let us explore with you what that might mean for your church.

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