When we jumped aboard the world wide web back in the 90s, God used it to bring many people our way — people in other parts of the world who were exploring pro-life ministry and some who were considering abortion.

In the past 9 months, 13 women have contacted us with desperate pleas: 

My husband wants me to terminate this pregnancy. Will God forgive me if I abort?

I can't raise the baby alone. What should I do?

I've had an abortion because I was afraid. I'm feeling guilty. Please help me.

My boyfriend wants me to have an abortion because he says he'll never marry me.

I don't know who the father is and I can't forgive myself.

I've aborted 6 pregnancies and my mom says I should abort this one too.

We don't know what accounts for a recent upsurge in inquiries. It's been a challenge to encourage them and link them up with pro-life resources in their area. Thankfully we have partners around the country — dozens in each state.

Pro-life partners also exist in other parts of the world, where the the challenges are even greater. Our contact in Zimbabwe, where two of the women live, said she often has to take single moms into her home because their families will not.

My challenge as I counsel women via email is to point them to the character of God. I often think of Hagar and how God met her needs as a pregnant mom. I apply what God said to her to these desperate women. You can read my take on Genesis 16 in Does God care about your unplanned pregnancy?

So far, two of the 13 have reported positive results:

It's good to read these words of yours, so thank you for your reply. I'm planning not to abort anymore! 

Thank you for your encouraging words. I prayed and prayed. My previous doctor advised against another baby, but I could not bear the thought of going through a procedure to kill the very child the Lord blessed into my womb. I'm now 22+ weeks pregnant! I thank you for hearing me and responding to my cries.

Please keep praying for these women, as well as all those wrestling with unplanned pregnancies.

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