We're sending out our latest printable bulletin insert with a little trepidation. Will it shock people in the pews? Will pastors refuse to place it in their bulletins? Will we receive angry letters?

What's the concern? The insert is about sex ... the biblical understanding of its goodness. It's our attempt to help church leaders and parents communicate the idea to young people.

Since it's a subject many are uncomfortable with we thought, well, maybe we should suggest you don’t have to publish this one in the bulletin if you didn’t want to, and only give it to parents, teachers, and other leaders as ‘food for thought.’ And that is, of course, an option. It would be good for adults to think about how sex is presented in church. Or why it never is. 

But then we got to thinking, that’s really the problem. The right people don’t talk about sex often enough and in the right way. This results in young people either never learning God’s design for sex and concluding sex before marriage is okay, or assuming all sex is evil.

Teens learn plenty of wrong messages about sex from music, TV, movies, friends, the internet. Maybe parents and youth leaders are waiting for them to ask a question. Maybe they never will.

The Bible is not as shy about sex as many of us are. Take heart! There’s nothing titillating in the bulletin insert. We promise it will not feed sinful desires. 

So we hope you'll review it and use it as a starting point for good conversations with teens. Their lives depend on it!

It’s a good message, by our friend and pastoral advisor, Rev. Steve Harduk. And we’d welcome your feedback.

Ben White

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