Of the nearly 200 nations with legal abortion, none record the abortion deaths of unborn babies. If the authors of a recently published article had their way, induced abortions would be reported as deaths.

They begin by saying, “There is no credible scientific opposition to the fact that a genetically distinct human life begins at conception and that an induced abortion is a death.” They conclude, "The exclusion of abortion as a cause of death … may be the ultimate example of science denial.” And they aren't even pro-life!

But, of course, they make a valid point. In the U.S. the government identifies and tracks 244 possible causes of death. Some are surprising, such as migraine, autism, infertility, and macular degeneration. In 2010, "not a single death was attributed to any of these categories." 

If abortion was counted, it would be right at the top, ahead of the two biggest killers -- heart disease and cancer. Using 2009 figures, 1,152,000 abortion deaths were 32% of a total 3,589,163 deaths! By comparison, heart disease and cancer that year each accounted for about 16% of deaths.

What’s most shocking are the ethnic breakdowns. “Abortions accounted for only 16.4% of nonHispanic White deaths, but 61.1% and 64% of nonHispanic Black and Hispanic deaths.” As the following chart shows, among the Hispanic and Black communities, abortion deaths outnumber every other cause of death!

What are the consequences of ignoring abortion as a cause of death? "Refusing to acknowledge abortion as a death undermines the role of science and the value of transparency so fundamental to a free society." Please download and share this study!

Source: Studnicki, J., MacKinnon, S.J., and Fisher, J.W. (2016) Induced Abortion, Mortality, and the Conduct of Science. Open Journal of Preventive Medicine, 6, 170-177. http://dx.doi.org/10.4236/ojpm.2016.66016

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