Ministry reports

2020 YEAR-END REPORT. When life loses at the ballot box, plus ministry in the time of COVID and a note about our presidential search.

2020 MID-YEAR REPORT. Introducing measurable levels of pro-life church engagement and our Interim President, Rich Dorsey; our response to COVID-19, and important upcoming dates.

2019 REPORT. "What if Roe is overturned?" Also a rundown on special events and financial matters.

2018 YEAR-END REPORT. Laser focus on LIFT, with a Q & A about it, recent LIFT events in Grand Rapids and the Philippines, and Tom's transition.

2018 MID-YEAR REPORT. Laser focus from our new president, women who have questions about abortion, recent and upcoming events and travel, and our 2017 financial report.

2017 YEAR-END REPORT. Recent news and resources, including audio from the Engaging Our Aging conference. There's much to do, and we're challenged to "finish well"!

2017 MID-YEAR REPORT. When we say Life Matters "helps the Body of Christ," what do we mean? Also, news about recent and upcoming events, scheduled international travel, and a financial report.

2016 YEAR-END REPORT. What does it mean to articulate the biblical pro-life message? Pro-life words and actions in churches, in Central and Eastern Europe, and in Asia. Other voices for Life Matters.

2016 MID-YEAR REPORT. How to live our our chaotic culture; opportunities in Bulgaria; US and Peru Summits; new ultrasound for Papua New Guinea; the latest on LIFT.

2015 YEAR-END REPORT. Assisted suicide on the march; upcoming events; staff and travel reports.

2015 MID-YEAR REPORT. A meditation on Titus 3:1-2 as well a report on the recent Summit, our new publishing acquisition, disbursement of grants, and an upcoming trip to Togo.

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